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Harald Kalasek

Sincerely welcome

and thank you for your interest in my person and in my businesses.

By expanding my business fields, I have also changed my online information
structure. Here you will find information about me personally, as each of my various
business interests has its own website.

How these branched out into the widely divergent fields of, inter alia, photography,
film, bottle caps,
etc., you can read in "About Me".

What I can do for you can best be clarified in a personal discussion.
Simply call me!

Thank you for your interest!


Freigeist Photography & Film - we make your products and company the focus point. Visit our website to learn more!

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Kalasek Flaschenverschlüsse

Reliable closure supplier for beverage bottlers for 20 years. Please visit our website if you are looking for bottle closures!

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Kalasek Schnitt- & Werbetechnik

We produce tapes for product identification, isolation and identification bands in various lengths and widths.

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Short excerpt of companies who trust me and my business partners

  • Moser Weine
  • Weingut Familie Weiss
  • Weingut Feuerwehr Wagner
  • Weingut Fritsch Wanderer
  • Weingut Norbert Bauer
  • Weinkellerei Lenz Moser
  • K+K Beton
  • Kovanda
  • Ing. Branimir Minkin
  • Gastrotel
  • Kellereimaschinen Feikes
  • Deutsch Kurzhaar Klub
  • Brelu
  • Alpha Huf
  • Eliment
  • El Hac